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Fixed prosthesis porcelain "crowns without metal"

We have new generations of fixed porcelain prostheses made ​​of high strength porcelain , using techniques injected or CAD / CAM . These porcelains have a cosmetic value added to better mimic the lighting properties of natural teeth and prevent the onset of gum metal transparencies .


They are also suitable for people with allergies or intolerance energy metals. So we can avoid using the metal core of traditional ceramic crowns or bridges metal.


Crowns Zirconium or zirconium Cases is the New In Dental Aesthetics As It ofrce a very similar appearance Teeth Naturales.La Esthetic dentistry is the area that has been offering solutions to natural problems that cause dissatisfaction , complexes and inhibitions people and to gain a harmonic and white smile is the aspiration of any person.Las Crowns or Porcelain Covers are a practical , functional aesthetic solution yaltamente as they line the resting snugly on the tooth .





Fixed prosthesis porcelain

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