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The fissure sealing is a preventive procedure in which healthy pits and fissures of teeth capped by applying a resin.

A barrier that protects the areas most likely to be attacked by caries, the preferably the grinding surfaces of the posterior teeth.
Each review of the patient ( usually every 6 months or every year ) will have to check if there is a partial or total loss of the applied material.


Fluoride Application

Topical application of fluoride is a preventive dental procedure in which the dentist said substance applied on the teeth to prevent future injuries from dental caries. It has been found that



Fluoride application is complementary to the placement of Pit and Fissure Sealants , Fluoride acts for while protecting the smooth tooth surfaces , sealants are placed in the grooves called pits and fissures , to prevent food debris and bacteria from entering in them, I cariando tooth enamel.





Sealants and Fluoride

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